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So being a mom of two, I don’t think any mother ever decides they’re going to be a lazy mom, the mom that lays on the couch on a beautiful day or makes excuses to watch a movie after work instead of going to the park because you’re so tired. I was fueled on coffee, energy drinks, soda, anything just to get me through. Day 1, it was crazy and I didn’t think it was working. I was used to that rush of energy from all the coffee I would drink that when I took the three steps and I got to work I thought, “I don’t feel like a rocket ship. Is it even working?” And my two o’clock break came and went, usually that’s when I would go get some candy or I’d go get a donut from the gas station and that day I just felt good and I worked for my family business and I’ll never forget my mom coming out of her office and she said, “Are you cleaning? Why aren’t you trying to take a nap in the back room? What are you doing today?” And that night when I came home and actually wanted to make dinner and I didn’t feel like I needed toothpicks to hold my eyes open to read bedtime stories.


I felt like you can finally be that mom. All I could think of was all of the other mom friends I had that were taking naps and were tired and snapping at their kids and then being upset with themselves later because they just had nothing left to give. So, by Day 3, when my husband met me at the door and said, “You’ve been the nicest you’ve ever been in three days. You’ve come home happy. You’re playing with the kids. You’re cooking, you’re cleaning. Is it that crazy sticker?” And he said, “I don’t care what it costs.” At the time we were putting groceries on a credit card, barely getting by. He said, “I don’t care what it costs, this is the you we love.


And you need to continue.” So, from there I ordered as a Promoter. I hit my VIP and it paid off that card. So, he didn’t know about the card either until after I paid it off. That’s really where my mindset shifted, is to this is something I’m going to take every day because I feel good and I feel like I’ve finally found me again.





Why wouldn’t I share this with everybody that I truly love? From there by my eight-week point I had gained eight pounds but I had lost a pant size. So, my body is finally getting what it needed instead of junk food and coffee to get me through my day. I was craving healthier food. My energy was through the roof and my dream in life was to be a mom and I was wasting it on the couch. I didn’t realize that until I finally felt better, how much time I had wasted and I’m just so thankful every day that my youngest will never remember that mom. He’ll always remember the mom that’s on the monkey bars.


My step-son tells me when we drop him off at school, “Sammy, turn down the radio you’re embarrassing me.” Because we’re jamming out in the morning. To be able to be that fun mom and have options in life is truly what this company has done for us..

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